About Us

Know More about your Trusted STARTUP-BUSINESS-ADVISOR

Who We Are

STARTUP-BUSINESS-ADVISOR is the platform developed solely to help start-ups and improve the probability of the startup process.We are the brainchild of the Parent Group - Possible Business Solutions.Possible Group has a legacy of helping Small and Medium Enterprises in achieving Growth and Business Excellence.

Established in 1999, Possible Group has assisted more than 100 SMEs in India and overseas - Middle East, Africa, and Asia in an increase in their Sales, Profits, exports and most important the number of happy customers. Possible Group is only one of the first consulting group working extensively for SMEs.

Though we are the pioneer in consulting of SMEs,we were always thinking of helping young millennial entrepreneurs in achieving the dreams of their own Business/ Start-ups. Thus, StartUp Business Advisor was born to help and assist young entrepreneurs in designing Business from scratch.

STARTUP-BUSINESS-ADVISOR would adhere to the core value of Possible Group of helping each other in delivering exceptional services to our clients.

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possiblegroup.com small-business-advisor.com


We believe that we are here to inspire and help make young start up businesses succeed.

We are constantly focusing on the young first generation entrepreneurs.We believe to make challenges simple and not the complex.

We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas.And frankly, we don’t settle for anything less than excellence in every startup that we support.



We are a team of consultants with cross-functional expertise in different industries such as manufacturing, information technology, services, marketing, auditing and financing and others. Thus, helping you with all business advices needed for you to become a successful entrepreneur.



Our commitment is to act in the best interest of individual approaching us for help.

We are passionate about creating long lasting relationship with our clients.

We will continuously strive to improve ourselves to deliver efficient consulting to people approaching us.

What We Do

So, you are with an idea about starting your own start-up? You are just thinking and trying out to find an answer about How to start a Business? But don’t know the path. We would help you in craving the correct path for your Business/Start-up. We would support you in all stages of start-up. Our strategic and systematic framework would help you in each stage of Business.


Market Research

Finding out the viability of your idea.



Helping in conveying your idea to the market and establishing your identity.


Company Incorporation

Helping in turning your Business into a legal entity and assisting in all the legal processes


Business Plan

Helping in determining Goals and milestones and steps needed to achieve the milestones.


Developing Team

Helping you out in finding out Partner, manpower and managing of the same.


Raising Capital

Helping out you in taking your business to the next level through advice on financial investment.